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Fall & Winter Installations

Why Fall & Winter Are The Ideal Seasons To Install Your Fence.

Fall is here and summer projects are coming to a close but Roma is still in full gear. If you’re looking into getting a new fence installed or having an old fence restored this spring, you may want to rethink your timeline. Getting fall & winter installations for your home gives you a number of benefits to your lifestyle.

Fall & Winter Installations can give you these benefits;

Shorten your time frame

What do we all need but there is never enough…. Time. In the fall and winter months that is typically when things start to slow down in the fence installation industry and so ordering a fence in the fall and winter means a faster install. More time means that we can send out larger crews that can get the job done faster, we also have more available crews that can be sent out. Roma’s manufacturing division as well as our suppliers have quicker delivery times for products. Spring and summer are our busier seasons and with so many requests, you’re likely to get put on a waiting list or the crews may be smaller and will take a longer amount of time.

Installers work better in cooler weather. Checking city codes and locates are easier and faster in the fall when there are less of them to do and not so many members of our team out on job sites. Underground cable locates take less time to complete. These save time when we have multiple staff members available.

Spring and summer are prime times for ordering a fence to be installed, because everyone starts to scramble to get their new fences once they can start going outside to enjoy the weather again. Taking the time in the fall or winter to get your fence installed saves you from all the back log of the busy spring and summer seasons.

Landscape friendly

Landscapes are a huge concern while installing a residential fence. Installing during the fall and winter preserves your garden and yard landscape as everything starts to die or go dormant. This allows for our staff to install fences near and around your plants without damaging them. Our teams can use larger equipment and get the job done quicker.

There is less worry for any lawn damage, as the grass, trees and shrubs start to go dormant and is not as important for lawn maintenance as it is in the spring and are less likely to be damaged during construction. Since your lawn is dormant it makes replanting in the spring easier and faster than waiting for your fence to be built, so you get a head start on your lawn.

Your new fence will be prepared for the winter and fall weather. Replacing a fence that has begun to rot and crack from the winter elements will only get worse without proper maintenance. With the cooler weather, lumber used for wood fences has time to dry and cure. Cracks, warping and shrinkage is minimized. So don’t wait until spring, replacing your fence in the winter or fall will hold up better against the cold, sleet and snow.

Enjoy your fun in the sun

Once spring and summer hit, you’re going to be anxious to get outside, relax and enjoy your backyard. However, when you install a fence in the spring and have construction going on, that can realty put a pause on your fun with your family and friends outside. Installing in the fall and winter can happen quickly and won’t ruin your spring and summer fun.

Have your fence installed in the fall and winter while you’re inside, so that when the time comes for you to get back outside and enjoy your days in the sun you won’t have to worry about the installation getting in your way.

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