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Concrete Fence - The Future of Fencing


The future of fencing is here: a low cost solution that is strong, long lasting, with sound abatement and an attractive design. It is also light-weight and easy to install and maintain. In other words, ideal for home owners, home builders, municipalities, landscapers, developers and utilities.

At Duracrete we are more than a leading edge product. As an organization we attend closely to customer requirements, and reflect this in our entire process, from design to manufacture and installation. Result? We stand out as a leader in easy-to-install, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing concrete fencing, offering an increasingly popular alternative to standard wood and chain link fences.

Whether your needs include screening walls, perimeter fencing, security walls, low retaining walls, sound barriers or small enclosures, the Duracrete system is superior in both cost and quality. Canadian made, and able to meet the
tough requirements of the Canadian climate, Duracrete’s products are long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing – perfect for today’s demanding customer.


Quality is central to the Duracrete philosophy – from production to installation. We are constantly improving the product in terms of technical specifications and ease of installation. Furthermore, each panel and post is carefully inspected before leaving the plant, ensuring the highest level of quality possible.

Duracrete’s product line features a variety of patterns and finishes to satisfy a wide range of applications and tastes. With deep texture on both sides, the warmth and appeal of Duracrete’s products are further enhanced by a high – performance concrete mix design for optimum reliability and durability.

Our product is designed to last fifty years, and is offered with a twenty year limited warranty. This is a dramatic advantage over wood products. And because Duracrete is concrete there is little to no maintenance.


• Durable and long lasting – two to five times the longevity of cedar
• Inexpensive: 30% less than other concrete fence products, and less than cedar
• Easy installation, maintenance, and repair
• Twenty year limited warranty
• Improves property value


• Residential and Commercial development
• Highway Sound Abatements
• Municipal and Utility enclosures
• Condominium developments


Duracrete concrete has been carefully formulated to ensure the optimum combination of strength, longevity and workability. Duracrete conforms to CSA standards, and we have undertaken extensive independent laboratory testing to ensure that these standards have been met.

Duracrete concrete has a fast rate of concrete placement, with a swift flow close to the congested reinforcement region. This enables the achievement of rapid construction. The resistance to segregation and high fluidity ensures homogeneity, minimum voids, and a consistent concrete strength. These characteristics provide excellent durability and finish to our product. The mixture is produced with a low ratio of water and cement that gives the concrete a high tensile and high compressive strength. Our concrete achieves high quality, with no deviation in colour, texture, and smoothness.


Duracrete Concrete Fence products are only available through authorized contractors and installers who have been trained and certified on the Duracrete installation and quality process. We are adamant the same approach to quality we achieve in the plant is carried on to installation in the field. Each step of the installation follows a defined process and subsequent quality checks. Critical to installation is the post set, where we insist each post is set at a depth beyond industry standards. Duracrete fence has a distinct advantage over the competition because it is designed to be handled by a single worker. The panels are 12 inches high, making for easy installation – there is no need for a boom truck or a crane to drop in heavy blocks. This also means that the fence is easy to extend.

Duracrete Concrete Fence Products is 100% Canadian. From our facility in Bolton, Ontario, our products are produced from state of the art, patented molding equipment and proprietary manufacturing methods. They are designed to meet a wide range of standards, specifications, and requirements. Ours is the most cost e-effective durable concrete fence solution on the market, and the preferred choice of owners, architects, landscape architects, civil engineers, builders and developers.


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