Iron Accessories: Finials, Post Caps & Post Brackets

We offer the following ornamental iron accessories:

Optional Finial and Post Caps:

  • Triad Finial
  • Spear Finial
  • Pyramid Post Cap
  • Ornamental Ball Post Cap
  • Finial Post Cap
  • Finial 2000 Cap
  • Acorn Cap

 Rail Accessories:

  • Ring
  • Scroll
  • Spade
  • Cross
  • Diamond
  • Star
  • Stainless Steel Weld

 Post Brackets:

  • Universal Bracket
  • End Swivel Bracket
  • Line Bracket
  • Corner Bracket
  • Line Swivel Bracket


Roma's E-Coating Process

Roma's technologically-advanced E-Coat system allows us to produce a high quality long-lasting protective coating which is environmentally friendly. An electrical current is used to deposit a protective coating on any metal that conducts an electrical charge. It was originally developed for the automotive industry in order to provide exceptional coverage, adhesion and corrosion resistance. The fundamental principle of E-Coating is that materials with opposite electrical charges attract.

During the E-Coating process, our steel panels, posts, and fittings are attached to metal racks and immersed into an E-Coat bath. An electrical charge is then applied to the racking and through to the attached parts. The bath then has an opposite electrical charge sent through it causing the E-Coat particles to bond to the metal surface. This forms an even and continuous film over every surface in every crevice and every corner of the material thereby protecting the metal surfaces both inside and out.

This deposited protective film actually becomes part of the surface chemistry which makes the surface more durable, fade-resistant, scratch resistant and most importantly, more corrosion-resistant. It also provides an excellent primer coat for Powder Coating aiding in adhesion creating a smoother and more consistent final finished coat.

To prove the durability of our dual E-Coating and Powder Coating process we have tested it extensively in controlled conditions. Our fence panels have endured the equivalent of 10 years of harsh salt spray and humidity resistance conditions without notable corrosion. This e-coating process makes our iron accessories more durable. Please contact us for information about our quality iron accessories (Finials, Post Caps & Post Brackets) in Ontario.

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