Dog Kennels

As most dog owners know, your family pet can bring much joy. While the rewards of dog ownership are immeasurable, taking care of them can require a lot of work.

While the benefits of companionship and bonding from your daily walk are great, that may not always be possible. You may want to consider giving your dog/pet an optional place to run around and exercise when you are short on time. While all of this can be accomplished by having a large fenced-in property, some home owners who are on a fixed budget, or who wish to have their dog enclosure separate from the rest of their yard, can find other solutions at the Roma Fence Group of Companies. Manufactured in own own facility, we have multiple sized portable dog kennels to fit your unique portable kennel needs.

The Roma Fence Group is happy to offer various sized do-it-yourself chain link dog kennels that are both economical and easy to assemble. These medium duty kennels can be easily assembled in a few short hours by following the included instructions. Our outdoor dog kennels are an excellent addition to your home if you find that space in your yard is limited, if you live in an area populated by wild animals, or if you own several dogs and need a separate place for them all to reside. Our smallest kennel can even be used indoors if you are crate training a puppy, or occasionally want to keep your pet separated from young children.

Each of our portable kennels are boxed, and can fit into most standard sized vehicles. They are composed of zinc coated chain link fence mesh and galvalume tubing to help resist oxidization and corrosion. Optional canvas covers are also available to provide shelter for your dog from the sun, rain, and other elements.

Whether used indoors or out, for training or as a shelter, our portable kennels will provide your dogs with enough space, comfort and security to keep your dogs happy, healthy and safe.

Our Portable dog Kennels are Pre-Fabricated in the Following Sizes:

  • 7’6” wide x 13’ long x 6’ high
    • Box Size approx. 22-3/8” wide, 9-5/16” deep, 75-1/2” long
    • Approx. 190 lbs
  • 6’ wide x 10’ long x 6’ high
    • 26” wide, 13” deep, 78” long
    • Approx. 130 lbs
  • 4’ wide x 6’ long x 4’ high
    • 6-3/4” wide, 13” deep, 51” long
    • Approx. 76 lbs.

Custom Welded Panels with Optional Wicket Gates complete with Snow Guards are also available by request. These custom made kennel panels are made from 1-5/16” hot dipped galvanized light-wall industrial frame and can be customized to your requested dimensions. These custom kennel panels are ideal for larger sized, energetic, dogs. Please contact us for all your outdoor dog kennels building or installation needs in Ontario.

Installation Instructions:
7'6" x 13 x 6' High Portable Dog Kennel- Click here to download PDF

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